House league ranking 2020

To make the shogi scene in Berlin more diverse, we will start with ours from June 2019 house league ranking.

Every 4 weeks we will hold a Blitz Handicap tournament internally. These tournaments are played all without ELO evaluation. The mode is designed so that later participants also have very good chances of a good placement in the ranking.

Time schedule: 10 minutes + 2x10 seconds Byoyomi

Specification: The specification is based on the traditional system, in which each specification is exactly one Rank difference is assigned.

Ranking 2020

Daniel1 kyu+2312--632
Richi2 Dan+1-130--237
Coria Espada2 kyu01----111
Jens5 kyu01----13
Shingo1 Dan-20-0--04
Georg4 kyu00----08
Manolo13 kyu0--0--04
Fumihiro1 kyu+2--1-3---425
Tokumei10 kyu-2-4-31---631
Kei4 Dan-1-----016
Sven5 kyu0-----02
Ingo7 kyu-1-----016
Micha10 kyu-1-----07

(* LM stands for Leaguemodifier)

Individual evaluations:

Evaliation 01.2020 Evaliation 07.2020 Evaliation 09.2020