10th Shogi Wars Kishin Tournament for the first time in Europe


We are pleased to announce the 10th Shogi Wars Kishin Tournament, which will take place in Europe for the first time this year. This tournament, organized in close cooperation with the popular Shogi Wars App and the FESA, offers an exciting opportunity for shogi players from all over Europe.

The qualifying tournament, which will be held via the Shogi Wars app, will take place online on July 21 from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC online. All residents of European countries are welcome to to take part in this exciting event. The best players of the qualifying tournament will have the chance to a travel allowance to participate in the European Shogi Championship (ESC) and the World Open Shogi Championship (WOSC) in Barcelona.

The winners will then be invited to the final tournament, which will take place on August 2 in Barcelona during the ESC/WOSC. This final promises not only exciting games, but also the opportunity to compete with the best shogi players in the world.

To participate in the tournament, please download the Shogi Wars app and register for the qualifying tournament. for the qualifying tournament. Further details and conditions of participation can be found in the PDF.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become part of a historic event and prove your Shogi skills. We look forward to your participation and exciting games!

9. Mori Ogai


The 9th Mori Ogai Tournament in Berlin took place on February 24, 2024 and brought some surprising twists and turns. At the center of the action was Kobayashi Taichi from Japan, who confirmed his outstanding form by winning all of his games to take the undisputed and thus took first place unchallenged. His victories against top-class opponents showed his strategic depth and tactical acuity, making him the undisputed champion of the tournament.

A particular highlight was the encounter in the first round between Kamo Dan and Kruse Janik, in which Kamo surprisingly won and thus opened up chances for second place. This performance, coupled with an impressive rise in the Elo ranks, resulted in Kamo being promoted to 1st Kyu at the end of the tournament.

The tournament was very evenly matched overall, with six players scoring 3 points each. The placings were decided on the basis of the second Buchholz score, which kept the tension high until the end.

For Watanabe Fumihiro, on the other hand, the tournament was a disappointment. He was unable to his usual performance and finished the tournament below expectations.

Justyna Zawadzka from Poland fought bravely, but it was not enough for a victory. However, her efforts were rewarded with a promotion to 11th kyu.


In summary, the 9th Mori Ogai Tournament was an event full of passion and fighting spirit, where each participant was able to demonstrate their unique skills and character. Of particular note was the performance of Kobayashi Taichi, whose dominant performance thrilled everyone. Congratulations to all participants for their performance and sportsmanship!

1Kobayashi TaichiJP2517*5+2+3+4+7+5
2Kruse JanikDE3 Dan20853-1-5+8+4+3-9
3Kamo DanJP2 Kyu16422+8+1-6+5-3+78
4Masuda ShingoJP1 Kyu18357+6+8+1-2-3+10
5Rödel RichardDE2 Dan17551-9+(-2p)2-0+3+3+9
6Többens DanielDE1 Kyu16190+4-7+3-9+3-10
7Frischmuth UweDE3 Kyu12634-0+6-9+1-2-1
8Watanabe FumihiroJP1 Dan17859+3-4-2-0+2-27
9Zawadzka JustynaPL8818-5-(+2p)0+7-6-1+12

Promoting Kobayashi Taichi to 2 Dan
Promoting Kamo Dan to 1 Kyu
Promoting Zawadzka Justyna to 11 Kyu

Annual review of the house league: successes and outlook for 2024

GPT 3.5

The year 2023 is drawing to a close and it's time to to look back on an exciting and thrillingnpx house league season. With 15 dedicated participants this year, the league has year, the league has once again proven how much it has a passion for passion for gaming and competition within your own four walls.

One of the most notable developments in this year's house league was undoubtedly Fritz's impressive performance. By a wide margin the leaderboard by a wide margin and emerged as the dominant player of the season. His impressive skills and commitment impressed and inspired many.

Another notable achievement was Fumihiro, who participated in every every single house league in 2023 and played an incredible 40 games. games. His dedication and perseverance are truly admirable and are testament to a true house league enthusiast.

New challenges and exciting changes are already on the horizon for the coming year 2024. and exciting changes are already on the horizon. The ranks of the house league participants will be adjusted based on the FESA, which will ensure even more balanced and and more exciting competitions. It is expected that this will lead to an even more intense and fairer and fairer house league season.

The anticipation for next year and the continuation of the Hausliga is great, and the participants can hardly wait to to put their skills to the test and conquer the leaderboard. It is sure to be an exciting year for all house league fans and participants!

We wish all participants a happy end to 2023 and a successful start to the new 2024 house league season!