Latest news from the last two house leagues!

GPT 3.5 + Richi

We are happy to welcome two new players to our rankings. A warm welcome to Mike and Yao Bu, who have taken their first steps in our shogi community. We hope they have fun playing and quickly find their way into the rankings.

Riku put together an impressive run in the April House League, winning three in a row. This great performance was rewarded, with an additional promotion point. But even with this handicap, Riku put in a strong performance in the May House League, proving that there is still room for improvement.

Daniel was finally able to score his first point of the year in May. It's nice to see that he remains motivated and improves despite the challenges and strong competition.

Fumihiro, on the other hand, struggled in the house leagues in April and May and was demoted twice. Sometimes you can get caught on a losing streak, but we're confident that Fumihiro will soon regain his strength and playfulness.

Richi was able to rank up due to his higher rank in the May house league. We are curious how long he can keep his new rank and are looking forward to exciting games from him.

The house leagues are always an exciting opportunity to test your skills and meet new players. We congratulate all participants on their successes and thank them for their dedication and commitment. May the next month bring more exciting matches and surprises!

Your Shogi Berlin

Berlin shogi players in Italy!

GPT 3.5

Last Friday, May 5, Fumihiro and Richi from Berlin made their way to Milan, Italy. Their goal was to participate in the Open Italian Championship, which took place on Saturday and Sunday. With a total of 20 entries, it was the largest shogi tournament in Italy to date.

Four rounds were played on Saturday, followed by another two rounds on Sunday. In the third round Richi met Peter, the strongest player with a rank of 4 Dan, and had to admit defeat. In the fourth round there was the inevitable clash between Fumihiro and Richi. between Fumihiro and Richi, with Fumihiro taking the victory.

On Saturday evening, the players went to an Italian restaurant where, with the support of the locals enjoyed the Milanese specialties and drank a good Italian wine.

On Sunday morning Fumihiro competed against Peter and also suffered a defeat. At the end of the tournament Fumihiro finished second and Richi fourth. At this point we would like to thank the tournament director and the organization. It was a really great tournament and we congratulate Luca Filighera for winning the Italian Championship.

Since the tournament ended early in the afternoon on Sunday, there was enough time for relaxed sightseeing tours in the afternoon. On Monday morning, the players headed back to Germany.

More information on the official Italian shogi site. And in addition a small Youtube video

Shogi evening and more


Dear Shogi enthusiasts and interested people,

we cordially invite you to our weekly Shogi evening! No matter if you already have experience in Japanese chess or have never played before - everybody is welcome. We have players with varying levels of play, from absolute beginners to very experienced veterans. We are happy to give also give an introduction to the basics of the game if you have no knowledge of shogi.

The language is with us from German, English to Japanese everything, so that everyone can communicate. As soon as it gets warmer, we also have the opportunity to play outside again and enjoy some sun.

In the last few weeks we have been able to set a new record for participation. But the best is yet to come: this week we have even surpassed this record! We are very happy that more and more people like shogi and visit us.

Next week the house league is coming up again. It is an open tournament without fixed number of rounds and extreme handicap requirements, so that everyone has a chance to win. Of course the fun is in the foreground and participation is desirable, but not a prerequisite.

As every year, we will also visit the Hanami in Teltow as soon as the cherry blossoms appear and the weather cooperates. We plan this for the 16th or 17th calendar week (April 22/23 or 29/30) and are looking forward to a beautiful day in nature.

We hope to see you soon at our shogi evening and hope everyone has fun playing!