7. Mori Ogai


On Saturday, 21.02.2020 the Mori Ogai tournament took place for the seventh time.

As last year, again a special thanks to the Humboldt Initiative, which was kind enough to provide us with the suitable premises at Ziegelstraße 4, 10117 Berlin-Mitte. Berlin-Mitte. Without their support, hosting the tournament would not be possible.

This time there were 11 players and a guest of honor Karolina, two other players could not arrive on time due to the storm. Even part of the tournament management came later than expected because of this.

GroupphotoTurnierfoto VormittagTurnierfoto VormittagTurnierfoto VormittagTurnierfoto VormittagTurnierfoto VormittagTurnierfoto Vormittag

At 10 has only started a small registration phase and half an hour later the first rounds were held. For lunch this time we had tried a delivery at Onnoya. With the food were very satisfied.

At 14:40, the next rounds were hot again. At the end of the day we went to the restaurant Brauhaus Lemke went out to eat. We were particularly impressed by the historic décor, which, in combination with the food the food its very own charm.

Brauhaus LemkeBrauhaus LemkeBrauhaus Lemke

The evaluation of the tournament will soon be available on the FESA Website can be viewed. There will be an entry with the name of the tournament that will lead you to the results.

1RödelRichardDE2 Dan18646+3-2+9+5+-8
2WatanabeFumihiroJP1 Kyu170310+4+1-8+3++21
3TöbbensDanielDE1 Kyu15488+1+10+5-2-+44
4ChanChung ManHK1 Kyu15947+2-5-10+11+-5
6ReganNataschaGB2 Kyu15111-8-0+11+9+-15
7VyletelLukasSK2 Kyu15764-10-11+0+8+-15
8BorysovAntonUA4 Kyu13963-6+9+2-7-+10
9ZgrebnakovaMariaSK15 Kyu5775+11+8-1-6-+229
10KruseJanikDE2 Kyu15632-7+3-4-0+-10

The winner of the tournament was Richard Rödel. Fumihiro Watanabe became best Kyu player, best women's player was Natascha Regan. Andrii Moisol who gladly defeated 1 Kyu player and thus did and therefore was the best newcomer in the tournament. We were also happy about our guest of honor, who rewarded every free ticket with an instructional game.

best female playerbest newcomerbest Kyu-playerwinnerHonorary award

This year we would like to introduce another tournament in Berlin, a handicap tournament called Gokuma (Blind Bear) which will take place on 24. September.

Blind bear

We are glad to have held the tournament again and would like to thank all the organizers, supporters and participants for their time. Do you have any suggestions, wishes or thanks for us? Then just write us an email. We look forward to hearing from you! See you next time!

With kind regards, Your Shogi Berlin Team