(Still under construction) In this area all important basics of Shogi are explained, which you can then start the game with.

The goal in Shogi is to capture or beat the opposing king. Each player has 20 tokens available for this.

game pieces:

King (lion)

Tower (giraffe)

Runner (elephant)

golden general (dog)

silver general (cat)

Springer (...)

Lance (...)

Farmer (chicken)

There are no special move rules for drawing pieces like in chess, all pieces hit always in the direction of pull.


Striking figures can be used again as your own figure. Each field is available Available. Invalid drop moves are:

  • Positions where your tile can never move e.g. Peasants on the back row
  • No two own pawns on a vertical line
  • Placing the pawn that mates the opponent mate. (The king cannot avoid the attack)


The board can be divided into 3 zones. The first 3 rows is the own zone, the next 3 Rows is the middle field and the last 3 rows is the opposing zone or the promotion zone.

When a tile moves into the zone, moves within the zone, or moves out of the zone, the token may be carried. You turn the token over and this token is received other train options.

Promote pieces: