House League Ranking 2023

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the house league is finally being revived. Fans of the league should look forward to a return to normality and to a return to normality and thrilling matches. League results and updates will be announced in a timely manner.

Every 4 weeks we will organise an internal Blitz handicap tournament. These tournaments will all be played without ELO evaluation. The mode is designed so that later participants also have a very good chance of a good ranking. Complete rules can be downloaded here as a PDF.

Timetable: 10 minutes + 2x10 seconds Byoyomi

Preceptions: The preceptions are made according to the traditional system, in which each preception is assigned to exactly one rank difference.

Ranking 2023

Fritz10 Kyu*1-----25-41115
Riku13 Kyu*3-143210-11-927
Georg4 Kyu0---0--23-511
Fumihiro1 Dan-130-1-1-23-34-1233
Michael10 Kyu*0--------115
Mike16 Kyu*0---1-----13
Koustubh18 Kyu0--------3308
Daniel1 Kyu-1-1-2-1-11--1-121
Yao Bu20 Kyu*0-----1-----11
Shingo1 Dan0------2-0--28
Jens4 Kyu-1--2------3--59
Oliver10 Kyu-1------2-1--1-410
Marcel11 Kyu*0---------4-46
Richi2 Dan1-10-1-11-2-2-2-1-933

(* LM stands for Ligamodifier)

Individual evaluations:

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